Located in Nowra I provide newborn baby photography in the Shoalhaven and South Coast. Photo sessions in your own home or have your pictures taken in my studio.

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It is amazing how quickly a newborn grows and changes. In as little as two weeks it will loose that wrinkly real newborn look which makes it important to have your photographs done as soon as possible after the birth. To avoid missing out on a session during this time I reccommend that you make a tentative booking based on your due date once it has been confirmed in the later stages of your pregnancy. This means I am aware that the session is coming up and can allow for it when filling my calendar. Once the baby arrives we can then confirm the actual day and time of your session.

As already mentioned there is only a very small window of opportunity to get true newborn portraits. The perfect time to have them taken is between 7 to 10 days old. At this age babies are still more likely to remain asleep during a session allowing me to get a larger variety of poses. Once they get past this age they are much more easily woken when I move them to change blankets or to take a different pose.

I have recently begun photographing newborns in my Bomaderry home studio. This allows me greater control over the session and the use of all my props and blankets. Sometimes though, espectially following an assited delivery, it is not possible for the parents to come to me so I am also able to bring the session to your home when required. A travel fee will apply for home sessions outside the Nowra/Bomaderry area.

It is nice to also have photos of you and your partner with your newborn as well as any other siblings. These are normally taken once we have finished the photos of the baby on its own.

For extended family portraits taken with your baby it is important to remember that the more people at your session the much more likely the baby will be unsettled and if time or distance of relatives permits a second session for these portraits is always an option.

It is important to make it clear to family members that we need to keep noise to a minimum during these sessions and to have someone to keep older siblings distracted in another area until we are ready for them. While babies will sleep through general family noise at home this is not a normal situation as during a session I am constantly disturbing them by moving and posing them so adding sudden or loud noise distrubance to this already unsettled state means an awake tired cranky baby.

Once your session has been booked I will send you through a fact sheet for either an in studio or in home session.

On the day of your session I will add a few of my favourite images to my blog so that you can see a sneak peak of your session. Then in the next few days I will complete your full gallery and upload it to my online proofing gallery. You are also able to send the link to this gallery to family and friends so that even those that don't live nearby are able to see your new addition.

Prints and other products can be ordered directly though my online gallery so there is no need to come in for a viewing session.